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The 3rd May was the first deadline for entry quotas, see the noticeboard for allocation details.

Women's Match Racing:

As the Women's Match Racing entries exceeded the Event Quota at midnight on 3rd May 2011, the allocation of places is shown on the event website. .

All other classes:

As no other classes exceeded their event quota at midnight on 3rd May 2011, the initial application date for entries,  para 3.10  of the Skandia Sail for Gold regatta Notice of Race will not apply and all paid entries, as at that date, are confirmed.

When paid entries, for a particular class reach the Event Quota prior to the final closing date for entries 23rd May 2011 (as detailed in para 3.12 of the Notice of Race), NO further entries will be accepted for that class.





MNA Number of Applications Quota awarded

USA 3 2 X 4th alternate
FRA 3 2 X 5th alternate
GBR 2 2
FIN 1 1
RUS 1 1
NED 2 2
NZL 1 1
AUS 2 2
GER 1 1
ESP 2 2
SWE 1 1
DEN 2 1 X 1st alternate
POR 1 1
SLO 1 1
CHN 1 1
BRA 2 1 X 2nd alternate
CAN 2 1 X 3rd alternate
ARG 1 1


29 24
There were 29 applications, by the closing date, from 18 countries for the

24 avalable places


Waiting list priority order DEN, BRA, CAN, USA, FRA
MNAs with an "X" are invited to confirm the priority order of their crew applications
as soon as possible.
GBR, NED and ESP are asked to confirm crew names when they are available
On-line payment must be received no later than 23rd May 2011 and will not
be accepted after that date. Any places not confirmed will be offered to the alternates.
Any queries please contact David Campbell James,



4/5/2011 20:53


Photo © onEdition

6-11 June 2011, Weymouth, UK

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