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Latest Star Blog

11/6/2011 13:45 Star - Final Medals - Gold - Robert Scheidt/Bruno PRADA (BRA), Silver - Fredrik LOOF/Max SALMINEN (SWE), Bronze - Diego NEGRI/Enrico VOLTOLINI (ITA). Full results at:  
11/6/2011 13:35 Stars nearing finish - podium predictions : Gold BRA 8255 Scheidt Silver SWE 8450 Loof Bronze ITA 8266 Negri - several penalties being dished out  
11/6/2011 13:33 Down to the finish - In the medal race MendelBlatt and Faith were pushed hard by Olympic Gold Medallists Ian Percy and Andrew Simpson 1st USA 8267 2nd GBR 8371 3rd BRA 8255 Robert Scheidt and Bruno Prada will take the win for the event  
11/6/2011 13:28 Final time at the windward mark for the stars - 1st USA 8267 2nd GBR 8371 3rd POL 8417 4th BRA 8255 5th NZL 8187 6th FRA 8270 7th ITA 8266 8th SWE 8450 9th CAN 8361 10th POL 8412  
11/6/2011 13:15 Leeward Gate STAR MEDAL RACE - 1st USA 8267 2nd GBR 8371 3rd POL 8417  
11/6/2011 13:6 Star 1st Windward Mark - 1st USA 8267 2nd BRA 8255 3rd POL 8417  
10/6/2011 12:4 8 BFD's on the Stars!!! - 8 BLACK FLAG DISQUALIFICATIONS!!!!  
10/6/2011 11:58 Stars Black Flags - Even though a General Recall, the Black flag means there were some boats BFD'd  
10/6/2011 11:41 Stars General - The stars are a bit over-eager on the start line! General Recall on their first attempt. General coming down NOW!  
9/6/2011 16:44 So that is it for today - with the fleet heading home to rest ready for tomorrow  
9/6/2011 16:35 And schiedt stays in the lead - to take the win of the last race with swe 8450 for 2nd and pol 8417 in 3rd  
9/6/2011 16:35 And schiedt stays in the lead - to take the win of the last race with swe 8450 for 2nd and pol 8417 in 3r  
9/6/2011 16:29 so on the final run - of the day it is still bra 8255, but behind him 2nd and 3rd have swapped over with cro 8759 in 3rd and swe 8450  
9/6/2011 16:4 At the gate - it is bra 8255 who is leadimg. With cro 8759 dropping to 2nd and swe 8450 has taken 3rd  
9/6/2011 15:51 And it is cro 8239 who is leading - with can 8366 and then esp 8209 just behind  
9/6/2011 15:28 Star - And they are off with percy and simpson getting a wonderful start  
9/6/2011 15:22 And the restart - sequence is underway, and the crew all hope for a clean start  
9/6/2011 15:19 And it is a general recall - for the stars who will now start the last race with the black flag  
9/6/2011 15:16 And the last sequence of the day - is going and the sea is a bit rougher  
9/6/2011 14:46 Star Race 7 - So it is swe 8450 who takes tge win of race 7 with can 8361 in 2nd and ger 8340 for 3rd. On to race 8 and the last race of the day  
9/6/2011 14:11 As the stars come round the bottom mark, the top 2 are unchanged - with irl 8418 taking 3rd on the mark from ger 8340!  
9/6/2011 14:1 And the stars are round the top mark, - with swe 8450 leading, can 8361 just behind and ger 8340 in third  
9/6/2011 12:56 SO CAN 8361 TAKE THE WIN FOR RACE 6 - fra 8270 keeps 2nd hokding off gbr 8371 who ends up with 3rd  
9/6/2011 12:47 SO AT THE TOP MARK FOR THE 2ND TIME, - can 8361 still lead, but gbr 8317 have lost out on 2nd to fra 8270  
9/6/2011 12:25 AND SO WITH THE THREAT OF THE BLACK FLAG, THE START LINE IS LEFT CLEAR FOR A PERFECT START! - Will Scheidt stay ahead or Loof catch him?  
9/6/2011 12:25 SO THE STARS ARE COMING UP TO THE LINE, - leaving plenty of distance to avoid being over this time  
9/6/2011 12:25 STAR - THE RE-START SEQUENCE IS UNDERWAY AND - this time the black flag, as already stated will be flying. Will anyone be caught?  
9/6/2011 10:0 Star Racing - The Stars are due to start at 1100 - Launching now  
9/6/2011 10:0 Star Racing - The Stars are due to start at 1100 - Launching now  
8/6/2011 16:53 Star Breakages - Word on the street is, the Stars have suffered a lot of damage today. Apparently no less that 4 star rigs broken!!  
8/6/2011 15:6 WINDY HERE - has begun and the wind is ar strong as ever  
8/6/2011 13:54 2ND RACE CLEAN START - for the Stars  
8/6/2011 13:48 Stars away All clear - Very good racing in the high winds at Sail for gold! All clear on the line at 13:47  
8/6/2011 12:34 UPDATE - top mark it is marazzi leading, with lovrovic and mikulicic in 2nd and kusznierewicz in third  
7/6/2011 19:2 Racing Schedule for Wednesday 8 June - Scheduled time of first warning signal is 1100 hours - 3 races scheduled  
7/6/2011 16:43 Star racing finished for the day - AP over A went up at 1643  
7/6/2011 16:18 AP/H up - so Stars sent ashore - to wait instructions for possibly another race. - Windspeeds of up to 25 knts in harbour.  
7/6/2011 15:35 Star's demasting - A couple of star's have now demasted.  
7/6/2011 14:36 Star race 4 has finally started - The fourth race for the stars has finally started after several general recalls and postponments. Start time was 14:35.  
7/6/2011 14:28 Star race 4 general recall - Another general recall for the star fleet. It looks like the tide is pushing them over the start.  
7/6/2011 12:16 15 knots at mark 4 - current race lead order Kusznierewicz, Pepper and Scheidt  
7/6/2011 8:10 Weather looking positive for day 2 of Skandia Sail for Gold - Currently 216 degrees with speed of 16.64 kts. Warning signal scheduled for 1100 hours  
7/6/2011 7:19 Star overall results after day 1 - at Skandia Sail for Gold Regatta - More... 
6/6/2011 17:46 Start - The star fleet have finally started at 17:44.  
6/6/2011 16:57 Star Update - Out on Course Area - waiting for wind to settle. When racing starts Star fleet will be tracked.  
6/6/2011 14:43 Postponement lowered - The postponement flag has been lowered for the stars.  
6/6/2011 14:1 Wind - Sadly the wind is dropping.  
6/6/2011 13:0 Live Tracking on your Mobile - Watching from your mobile, then go to: click on Skandia Sail for Gold and then the race you want to view. You can then click on each mark and see the mark roundings - updated live as you watch  
5/6/2011 21:6 Star entries - 41 boats have entered representing 21 nations.  
5/6/2011 20:47 Live Tracking - Live Tracking from the Star Fleet on Monday 6 June  
20/5/2011 15:11 Peter O'Leary and Frithjof Kleen (IRL) - Winning the 2010 Skandia Sail for Gold Regatta was their biggest event win to date for O'Leary and Kleen. Peter will return to Weymouth in 2011 with new crew David Burrows to give it another go. Form so far shows only one major event appearance since last year in Weymouth, and it delivered an unlucky finish of #13 at the 2011 US SAILING's Miami Rolex OCR. Watch this space ....  
20/5/2011 14:9 Register for SMS Alerts - Results Info and Event Notices - Keep up with all the action with results and notices from Skandia Sail for Gold sent straight to your mobile as an SMS. You can track your favourite sailor as well. Register at:  
16/5/2011 13:48 Have You Signed Up? - Get the latest from Skandia Sail for Gold and sign up for our event newsletter - go to the link on the right hand side of the website.  
16/5/2011 13:32 37 Star Teams Heading to Weymouth - So far heading to Weymouth are 37 of the great and good Star teams from around the world, including the World's #1 team of Robert Scheidt and Bruno Prada of Brazil. Robert opened his Olympic career winning a gold medal at the 1996 Olympic Games - and has competed at every Olympic Games since - racking up 4 Olympic medals.  
4/5/2011 13:10 Stars Shift Positions in Latest Release of ISAF Sailing World Rankings - Brazil's Robert Scheidt and Bruno Prada (BRA) hold their position as the world's #1 team on the latest release of the ISAF Sailing World Rankings today. Moving to #2 overall are Johannes Polgar and Markus Koy (GER) with Fredrik Loof and Max Salminen (SWE) at #3.  
  • Andrew Mills, Great Britain
  • Stars Day 4
  • Richard Clark/Tyler Bjorn,Canada
  • Guillaume Florent/Pascal Rambeau, France
  • Iain Percy/Andrew Simpson, Great Britain
  • Action from 2010 Skandia Sail for Gold
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