TracTrac will be delivering live tracking from the race courses, with the schedule for at least one class per day plus live from all the medal races.

Complementing the tracking, Skandia Sail for Gold radio, will be providing their usual insightful and entertaining running commentary of all the action from the race course both live streaming and on radio station 87.7 FM.

The Skandia Sail for Gold team interviewed TracTrac to find out a bit more about how the tracking technology works.

Network Status - Saturday 14th August, Due to highly deficient GSM service experienced today we are not able to get tracking data that allows us to show live tracking of the medal races that would live up to TracTrac’s standards. We greatly apologize but hope you will enjoy all the tracking available in the replays from the previous days.  - TracTrac


Women's Match Racing
Mon Match Race 3 REPLAY
Mon Match Race 8 REPLAY
Mon Match Race 9 REPLAY
Mon Match Race 10 REPLAY
Mon Match Race 11 REPLAY
Mon Match Race 15 REPLAY
Mon Match Race 16 REPLAY
Mon Match Race 17 REPLAY
Mon Match Race 18 REPLAY
Tues Match Race 12 REPLAY
Tues Match Race 14 REPLAY
Tues Match Race 14-2 REPLAY
Tues Match Race 4 REPLAY
Tues Match Race 5 REPLAY
Tues Match Race 6 REPLAY
Tues Match Race 7 REPLAY
Wed Match Race 7-2 REPLAY
Wed Match Race 20 REPLAY
Wed Match Race 21 REPLAY
Wed Match Race 28 REPLAY
Wed Match Race 29 REPLAY
Wed Match Race 22 REPLAY
Wed Match Race 23 REPLAY
Wed Match Race 24 REPLAY
Wed Match Race 33 REPLAY
Thur Match Race 30 REPLAY
Thur Match Race 31 REPLAY
Thur Match Race 25 REPLAY
Thur Match Race 26 REPLAY
Thur Match Race 34 REPLAY
Thur Match Race 35 REPLAY
Thur Match Race 36 REPLAY
Thur Match Race QF1 REPLAY
Thur Match Race QF2 REPLAY
Fri Match Race QF3 REPLAY
Fri Match Race QF4 REPLAY
Fri Match Race QF5 REPLAY
Fri Match Race SF1 REPLAY
Fri Match Race SF2 REPLAY
Fri Match Race SF3 REPLAY
Fri Match Race SF4 REPLAY
Fleet Racing
Mon Star Race 1 REPLAY
Mon Star Race 2 REPLAY
Tues 470men Race 3-Yellow REPLAY
Tues 470women Race 3 REPLAY
Tues 470men Race 3-Blue REPLAY
Tues Star Race 3 REPLAY
Tues 470women Race 4 REPLAY
Tues 470men Race 4-Yellow REPLAY
Tues 470men Race 4-Blue REPLAY
Wed RSX-men Race 5-Yellow REPLAY
Wed 470-women Race 5 REPLAY
Wed 470-men Race 6-Yellow REPLAY
Wed RSX-men Race 6-Yellow REPLAY
Wed 470-men Race 6-Blue REPLAY
Wed RSX-men Race 5-Blue REPLAY
Wed 470-women Race 6 REPLAY
Wed RSX-men Race 6-Blue REPLAY
Wed RSX-women Race 5 REPLAY
Wed RSX-women Race 6 REPLAY
Thur RSX-women Race 7 REPLAY
Thur RSX-women Race 8 REPLAY
Thur 49er Race 8-Gold REPLAY
Thur 49er Race 9-Gold REPLAY
Thur 49er Race 10-Gold REPLAY
Thur RSX-men Race 7-Gold REPLAY
Thur RSX-men Race 8-Gold REPLAY
Fri 49er Race 11-Gold REPLAY
Fri Sonar Race 9 REPLAY
Fri Skud18-Race9 Race 9 REPLAY
Fri 49er Race 12-Gold REPLAY
Fri Sonar Race 10 REPLAY
Fri Skud18-Race10 Race 10 REPLAY
Fri 49er Race 13-Gold REPLAY
Fri 2.4mR-Race9 Race 13-Gold REPLAY

10/04/2011 11:20:03


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